About Anna Brix Thomsen

Anna is a leading catalyst and change-maker in the field of radical parenting, education and self-work. Her life goal is to contribute to transforming the way we view children, family and education, from being based in a culture of separation, to focusing on authentic, and heart-based connections. 


Anna is an avid advocate for returning to a more natural approach to parenting, where we work on ‘rewilding’ the parts of us, that is so immersed in the culture of separation and survival, that we know longer feel connected with our bodies, our hearts or our purpose on this planet. 


Anna has supported and inspired many parents and educators all over the world, to start understanding children in a different way, and more than anything, to realize that real starts with changing ourselves. 


Her unique style is raw, vulnerable and very personal, as authenticity is one of the most important aspects of her work. 


Anna holds a master in educational sociology, is a teacher, speaker, author, coach and group facilitator, and does it all with the goal of helping the birth of a new world - starting with supporting parents and teachers to change how they raise and teach our young. 

Unschooling the School System