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My work is centered around holding space for love.
That is the core of what I do. 

I work with collective healing in a multidimensional way. My work is shamanic in the sense that I work with the deeper layers of existence, and work via the intuition and instincts of my multi-dimensional being. I do not work with any symbolic instruments or rituals or belief-systems. 


Seeing and honouring you, in the depth of your being, is a big part of what I do.

I have worked as a teacher, facilitator and coach for the past 20 years, and my work draws on my deep personal process of transformation, from spiritual self-help, to shamanism, tantra, authentic relating and non-duality.


Today I subscribe to no particular praxis or method. What I offer is the gift of me. I work with direct, authentic, immediate connection, human to human, heart to heart.  

I am passionate about supporting people to be themselves, to be free and authentic. I do that through showing up, through the purity of my own heart, and meeting you human to human. 

My strength is to show up without a script, and hold space for what unfolds, with vulnerability and an open heart. 

For those who resonate with my work, participating in a session with me can be powerful and transformational. People often describe being in my space, as coming home. As feeling like they can be themselves, fully and wholly. 


Here's what a past client has said about my work:

“This is no understatement. Working with Anna has changed my life. It is now more than a month since I had the session, and its ripples are still working through me, transforming my life. I felt extremely seen. The magic of it is that afterwards, my body, my brain and my surroundings started to work together with the new insights. Little by little the themes from the session unfolded by itself in my life, as if she had opened a gateway for these things to be healed and taken to the next level with no conscious effort. I felt very, very safe and open during the session. Anna's love and compassion towards her people shine through, and nothing at all is shameful or weird."

If you have any questions about my work, and whether we are a match, you are welcome reach out to me, via the contact form on this site or via email at:

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