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Would you like to be a more relaxed and fun parent?


Would you like to stop yelling at your kids?


Would you like to stop feeling guilty and powerless when it comes to raising your child?


Would you like to feel deeply connected and in tune with your child, even in stressful situations?


Would you like to be a parent who enjoys spending time with your kids?

Do you long for a community with women where you feel like you can truly be yourself?

Do you long for a place where you get to ask questions about the things that worry you or that weigh you down in relation to motherhood, and receive meaningful and deep support?


Are you Ready to step into a new era, where you lead with your heart wide open, in a connected and grounded way? 


Do you feel called to level up in the way you communicate and relate with your child? 

Then Mother Hearth is for you.


In MOTHER HEARTH a small group of mothers (and mothers to be) will walk an initiation into HEART-BASED PARENTING.


On this journey, you will receive exquisite, high level support, held in a deeply compassionate and safe space of sisterhood.


You will not be the same person after this deep dive into the heart of who you are as a parent.



You get to ask for support.


You get to bring your shadows to the table.


And you get to bring your outrageous ambition to be an incredible mother, and woman.


You get to level up, and in a very real way, start living the potential of who you know you're able to be.


THAT is what Mother Hearth is about.


HER Heart.


HER Earth.


HER Home.



Content we will cover in the course: 

  • Balance between setting boundaries and saying YES with a smile

  • How to feel deeply connected and in tune with your child

  • How to move beyond conflict and stress to a peaceful, relaxed parenting

  • Benevolent Leadership 

  • How to practically co-regulate with your child.

  • How to parent with an open heart, even when the going gets tough


Mother Hearth is a unique community, held within a space of deep, reverent sisterhood, working from the foundation of deep and humble connection with life and existence. 


You get to be exactly who you are.


And you get to level up to the potential that you know you have inside you, as a mother and as a woman.


How it works:

We will meet once a week for 6 weeks on a group call via Zoom.

We will have a Discord server available to us as our own personal sharing circle. (Don’t worry if you’re not that technical. It’s way easier than it may sound). 

I will be sharing all my juicy live support in the Discord community throughout the 6 weeks and will provide live support throughout each week.


*You also have the option to book personal 1:1 chats with me, at a reduced price to deepen the support even more.


DATES: MAY 3th - June 7th. 


Calls are every week at two alternating times. Exact times will be announced, and accommodations can be made if you have special requests. All calls will be recorded and can be watched after the live call. 




6 weeks support, calls and community: 399 $US


V.I.P Upgrade: 3 x 60 minutes additional 1:1 calls if you buy one of the other packages. In these calls, you will receive deep, personal support to move through: 555 $US

This is what you will get:


* 6 weeks of DEEP support and community that will change the way you see yourself as a mother, so that you may become the mother you deeply long to be. 


* 6 Zoom calls with in-depth support and sisterhood. 


* 24/7 access to our own exclusive community where you are able to connect and receive support whenever you need it. 

Schedule a free call with me, if you are interested in discussing your options for participating and whether this is the best path for you. Send me a mail at


*** Payment plans. You are welcome to reach out to me about a payment plan of 3 installments.

Payment is possible via PayPal, International bank transfer or Swish if you are a Swedish resident. 

If you are ready to jump in, you can transfer the payment via Paypal to: or pay via international bank transfer to:

Anna Thomsen

IBAN-nummer:SE12 9020 0000 0902 3961 2940


Contact me if none of these payment options works for you.

***Refund Policy: A 50% refund policy may be awarded to anyone who by extenuating circumstances needs to drop out by April 28th, 2021, after which no refunds shall be awarded.***



“Within writing this review it took me a day or two to collect my thoughts about my experience with Anna. How I could explain to another how genuine she is. How intuitive her perception can be. How much experience she has within the field of education and early childhood development. Her empathic abilities, problem-solving skills, her patience and trustworthiness.


These are attributes that Anna stands within and as, they are admirable, loyal traits that one would look for in any person of support.


Though Anna holds within herself all of the above benevolent qualities, it is not what has drawn me to her again and again for support. It has been her rawness, her ability to fail and embrace it. Her capacity to talk openly about the really hard shit, without judgement. To expose the darkness that resides within all of us, but we are too scared to talk about. Too afraid to break through that caution tape, with the ‘Do Not Enter’ phrase repeated and discover what has been buried, hidden deep within us, restricted from our view, because in reality, that is where the keys to freedom are.


I personally have called upon Anna on multiple occasions to help untangle me when I could not do it myself. When I needed REAL support. Someone to assist me within widening my view when it had become tunnel vision. I have shared with her my struggles as a mother, which if you are one you know, most of the time things are a little less shiny and pretty, and a little more messy and stained from the fire of motherhood. I have revealed to her my anger and fears because she was able to provide a space where I could be completely me, so that we could walk hand in hand through the darkness of this uncharted territory.


Yes, Anna is a wonderful person with all of the admirable traits one would seek in a friend, a

colleague, a counselor, a teacher. But her most valuable contribution is herself as the living

example. Her “no more shame” in motherhood, her playfulness, her honesty and her

humbleness within embracing all of humanity as herself.” - Camille


“This is no understatement. Working with Anna has changed my life. It is now more than a month since I had the session, and its ripples are still working through me, transforming my life. It seems so natural to her, and I am amazed by what she could see, and the connections she made. I felt extremely seen. It was totally spot on. Some things I was kind of aware of (ready), but the way she put it, and the messages she had for me, made such a difference. The magic of it is that afterwards, my body, my brain and my surroundings started to work together with the new insights. Little by little the themes from the session unfolded by itself in my life, as if she had opened a gateway for these things to be healed and taken to the next level with no conscious effort. I felt very, very safe and open during the session. Anna's love and compassion towards her people shine through, and nothing at all is shameful or weird. I have been in touch with many therapies, many gifted people, even through education myself, but I have never met somebody as clairvoyant and wise as Anna. She is something special.” - Rebecca


“Anna has a sharpness and a directness, which is coupled with an enormous warm heart, intuition and empathy. Her calm presence and clear language make it safe to explore vulnerable themes and to discover the sometimes unpleasant truth in a very clarifying, solution-oriented and resource-oriented way. My session with Anna has given me new perspectives on my situation right now and a deeper understanding of complex and paradoxical themes in my life. At the same time, it has given me concrete tools and methods to deal with the patterns that play out again and again and prevent me from living the life I want to live.” - Elin 

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