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What I Offer

Transformational coaching and facilitation for couples, individuals, and groups.  

A gentle guide to help you unlock the deeper truth inside, and connect with your heart.

Simple, deep and powerful. 

One-on-One sessions 


With a 1:1 coaching session, I offer to support you with a point in your life that you are struggling with. Together we hold space for the point you are facing, and intuitively work with you to find the best way for you to move through the point, so that you may come to a point of resolution and release.

Support for Parents 

If you are struggling with a point in relationship to your child, and how to meet your child, a parenting coaching session might be for you. Through this session, I can help you get to the bottom of what's going on, and come up with practical steps for how to change the situation, in a way that is both best for you, and for your child. I am able to support you to connect with, and understand your child on a deeper level, through working with your own inner experiences.

Support for Couples

I offer support for couples who would like to move into deeper connection in their relationship, and strengthen communication in their partnership. I also offer coaching for couples in a non-normative relationship (for example non-monogamous) as well as coaching in relation to sexual issues and preferences.


It is suggested to have at least 1-3 sessions, depending on the point that you are facing. All sessions are priced individually, where we find a unique price that we both agree to. All sessions are available in Danish, English and Swedish. 

All individual and couple sessions are available online, as well as from my home in the south of Sweden, and in Copenhagen. 




Group Sessions

Heart of The Fire Sessions - Conscious touch & connection in Southern Sweden


Heart of The Fire Sessions is a series of group sessions focused on embodiment, with the purpose of supporting you to practice standing in your truth, in a safe and caring environment. These sessions welcome anyone and everyone who is interested in working on a deeper level with living from a place of truth and integrity from the heart.


The events are inspired by both modern and traditional tantric practices, as well as authentic relating, trauma awareness and meditation. I sometimes host these events in my home, because I love to create a cozy, warm and welcoming atmosphere. We have a fireplace, candlelights, lots of delicious snacks as well as plenty of blankets. Occasionally I will host events at other venues, and I also work as a workshop leader at festivals during the summer. 

What I do isn't theoretical. I am not here to teach anyone anything. I am not a guru or an expert. What I offer is my open heart and an open and warm space.

Join my Facebook group Heart of the Fire Sessions to see when the next in-person group event is. 

Creative Workshops in the south of Sweden

A place where hands can get busy and minds can take a rest. Are you longing for time to focus on yourself, develop your intuition, let your creativity flow, or perhaps connect with it for the first time?

Do you feel the need for a place with a high ceiling, where you can use your hands and let your head rest for a while? Do you want room for more joy, passion and flow in your life?

Then you are welcome to the Creative Workshop!



“Anna has a sharpness and a directness, which is coupled with an enormous warm heart, intuition and empathy. Her calm presence and clear language make it safe to explore vulnerable themes and to discover the sometimes unpleasant truth in a very clarifying, solution-oriented and resource-oriented way. My session with Anna has given me new perspectives on my situation right now and a deeper understanding of complex and paradoxical themes in my life. At the same time, it has given me concrete tools and methods to deal with the patterns that play out again and again and prevent me from living the life I want to live.” 

“This is no understatement. Working with Anna has changed my life. It is now more than a month since I had the session, and its ripples are still working through me, transforming my life. It seems so natural to her, and I am amazed by what she could see, and the connections she made. I felt extremely seen. It was totally spot on. Some things I was kind of aware of (ready), but the way she put it, and the messages she had for me, made such a difference. The magic of it is that afterwards, my body, my brain and my surroundings started to work together with the new insights. Little by little the themes from the session unfolded by itself in my life, as if she had opened a gateway for these things to be healed and taken to the next level with no conscious effort. I felt very, very safe and open during the session. Anna's love and compassion towards her people shine through, and nothing at all is shameful or weird. I have been in touch with many therapies, many gifted people, even through education myself, but I have never met somebody as clairvoyant and wise as Anna. She is something special.” 

"About a year ago Anna started a women’s online group meet up that included about 12 women, I was part of this group. With in the group Anna facilitated exercises for us to investigate with in ourselves that we would then chat about our experience during the next meet up. It was an amazing experience to connect with women from around the world. Anna & I have spoken one on one since that time too. She did an amazing tarot reading for me that really helped me see my path in this world more clear. In recent events I spoke with her about my struggles with my 8yr old daughter. Anna was able to help me see perspective with in my relationship with myself & thus with my daughter that completely changed the course my relationship to my daughter where I can be supportive to myself & her in practically & actually. I am so grateful for Anna’s support & assistances with in my Life. She is truly an example of how to walk this Earth."



“Within writing this review it took me a day or two to collect my thoughts about my experience with Anna. How I could explain to another how genuine she is. How intuitive her perception can be. How much experience she has within the field of education and early childhood development. Her empathic abilities, problem-solving skills, her patience and trustworthiness.


These are attributes that Anna stands within and as, they are admirable, loyal traits that one would look for in any person of support.


Though Anna holds within herself all of the above benevolent qualities, it is not what has drawn me to her again and again for support. It has been her rawness, her ability to fail and embrace it. Her capacity to talk openly about the really hard shit, without judgement. To expose the darkness that resides within all of us, but we are too scared to talk about. Too afraid to break through that caution tape, with the ‘Do Not Enter’ phrase repeated and discover what has been buried, hidden deep within us, restricted from our view, because in reality, that is where the keys to freedom are.


I personally have called upon Anna on multiple occasions to help untangle me when I could not do it myself. When I needed REAL support. Someone to assist me in widening my view when it had become tunnel vision. I have shared with her my struggles as a mother, which if you are one you know, most of the time things are a little less shiny and pretty, and a little more messy and stained from the fire of motherhood. I have revealed to her my anger and fears because she was able to provide a space where I could be completely me, so that we could walk hand in hand through the darkness of this uncharted territory.


Yes, Anna is a wonderful person with all of the admirable traits one would seek in a friend, a

colleague, a counselor, a teacher. But her most valuable contribution is herself as the living

example. Her “no more shame” in motherhood, her playfulness, her honesty and her

humbleness within embracing all of humanity as herself.” 

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