What Anna Offers 

One-on-One sessions


Radical Heart Life Coaching


With a radical heart coaching session, Anna will support you with a point in your life that you are struggling with. Using her radical and compassionate expression, Anna will hold space for the point you are facing, and will intuitively work with you to find the best way for you to move through the point, so that you may come to a point of resolution and release.


It is suggested to have at least 1-3 sessions, depending on the point that you are facing. You will need to contact Anna to schedule a (free) introductory conversation before booking a session.


Radical Heart Coaching for Parents


If you are struggling with a point in relationship to your child, and how to meet your child, a parenting coaching session might be for you. Through this session, Anna can help you get to the bottom of what's going on, and come up with practical steps for how to change the situation, in a way that is both best for you, and for your child. Anna's expertise as a parenting coach lies in supporting you to connect with, and understand your child on a deeper level, through working with your own inner experiences.


Existential Tarot Card Coaching Session


With an existential tarot card reading, we go into the deeper parts of your being and your life process, and you are supported to become aware of aspects of yourself that you might not be consciously aware of in your everyday life.


The sessions can be powerful and highly transformational, and they are therefore excellent when you are in a point of life of feeling stuck, or like you can't move forward with a certain point, or would like to expand more into the deeper parts of your being and your potential.


You really have to try it to understand how powerful it can be. It’s like getting 10 coaching sessions in one sitting, and so it is particularly effective, when you’re standing in front of big life changes, or feel particularly stuck in a certain area of your life.

Often, it is beneficial to get a session 1-4 times per year. Some like to do it once per month.

Online Workshops


Anna hosts online workshops that are raw, direct and practical, about subjects surrounding parenting, education and self-mastery. These workshops are designed in a simple, no bullshit way, so that ordinary people can take them and make practical use of them, to prices that are affordable to most. 

Live Workshops


Every year, Anna does live workshops for free at family and education festivals on parenting and education. The content is the same as in the online workshops, but it is at the same time very different, because each workshop is uniquely adapted to the particular group Anna is working with, and having intimate face-to-face meetings (and hugs!) is something very special. 

Live Talks 


Anna does live talks on parenting, education and self-mastery to private groups, schools, and workplaces, and will tailor a talk to you, so that you can get the most out of it, and walk away with, not only inspiration, but also concrete steps for how to make substantial change in your life, and in your reality.


Helena Roth, Coach and Change Agent 

"My friend Anna Brix Thomsen. She’s powerful. She’s brave and courageous. She definitely doesn’t hold back from sharing generously and with huge amounts of vulnerability. And boy does she ever provide #tankespjärn! Her sharing revolves a lot around parenthood, and unschooling/learning, but the underlying theme of it all is self-discovery, I’d say. And anyone who’s a parent knows the amount of inner work that having a kid entices. She’s got a daughter at home and has had less time writing her-style-long-posts, so a lot of the sharing these past years have been done on Facebook and/or Instagram rather than on her blog, but she’s picking up blogging again from what I understand. I hope, and think, that she’s stepping into the professional arena. And I for one am cheering her on, wishing her great success, for she is definitely glorious!"

Laura Nunez, Graphic Designer 

"I had a tarot session with Anna Brix Thomsen, and it was awesome to chat with her, Anna has the ability to see beyond the illusion and support one to see beyond it too. We walked with the support of the tarot and our conversation in what I have to face and am facing to gain in clarity, strength and understanding. First she asked me if there was any particular point I wanted to look at, and it opened up throughout the reading, where we undercovered many layers of self diminishment I've been going through or doing to myself. I highly recommend it, it was a great support, thanks a lot Anna!!"

Marcel Burger

Correspondent Scandinavia, language teacher in Dutch, journalist, Uppsala Kommun, Sweden

"When Anna is in the house, social interaction and creativity soar. She is fearless in inspiring the people around her with her enthousiasm, meaning the job is done with more fun while quality and an eye for the needs and well-being of each individual are maintained. Get Anna involved and you and/or your organization will take giant leaps forward."

Lainie Liberty

Co-funder, Project World School and Host, For the Love of Learning Voices of the Alternative Education Movement, Project World School, For the Love of Learning Voices of the Alternative Education Movement

"Anna Brix Thomsen is a passionate and highly respected advocate from within the alternative education moment. She has appeared on our show, For the Love of Learning, Voices of the Alternative Education Movement three times as a guest panelist and one time as a guest host. Anna brings with her years of experience pioneering change from within the system and offers creative insights leading to practical solutions. Anna’s deep passion for education and learning fuels a special blend of leadership not commonly found. Working with Anna is always a pleasure and her collaborative nature is an indication of her true commitment for her education advocacy."

"About a year ago Anna started a women’s online group meet up that included about 12 women, I was part of this group. With in the group Anna facilitated exercises for us to investigate with in ourselves that we would then chat about our experience during the next meet up. It was an amazing experience to connect with women from around the world. Anna & I have spoken one on one since that time too. She did an amazing tarot reading for me that really helped me see my path in this world more clear. In recent events I spoke with her about my struggles with my 8yr old daughter. Anna was able to help me see perspective with in my relationship with myself & thus with my daughter that completely changed the course my relationship to my daughter where I can be supportive to myself & her in practically & actually. I am so grateful for Anna’s support & assistances with in my Life. She is truly an example of how to walk this Earth."