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  • Anna Brix Thomsen

Teachers Conflict in Denmark and Within: DAY 8

How are we as teachers valued in society? That is what we will be discussing in this blog post.

Through the last couple of months I have been working as a teacher. As mentioned in several of the other blog posts and videos I’ve made thus far, my initial approach was to give myself to job and give it my all in terms of becoming the best teacher I can possibly be. However the last week I have slowly but surely started experiencing doubt and regret towards my chosen field of work.

Let me explain: In Denmark where I am from there is right now a big teacher’s crisis where the government has meddled in the negotiations between the teachers ‘union and their employer, the united municipalities. The consequence has been that over 50.000 teachers has been ‘lock-outed’ which means that they’re not allowed to work and thousands of children can’t go to school.

To find out about how the two are connected, watch my vlog of the week here:

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