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  • Anna Brix Thomsen

Why Some People Shouldn’t be Teachers: DAY 24

I made this video in response to a comment I got on one of my Youtube videos from a teacher who flat out exerted that teachers have to put up with a lot of shit from students. My take on this comment and the starting-point of the commenter is that a statement such as this one can only be uttered by someone who is burned out and who has become bitter towards the teaching profession and therefore perhaps should look for another job. This point stands in stark contrast to the previous blog post where I shared a video from a veteran teacher who used to love teaching but who feels like she’s been forced out of the education system.

I am sure most of the teachers who feel burned out don’t in fact blame the children. They might blame the parents for the way they’ve raised their children (or rather: not raised them) and the administrations and school boards for forcing them to teach curricular that is at best boring.

Teachers are stuck in a sticky situation whether they have a love for teaching or not. And something that is fascinating and that I’ll be covering in future blog posts is how the education system has been used deliberately by political communities to indoctrinate and teach children in a specific dogma or ideology. As such teachers no longer have any say when it comes to developing educational material and it is generally centralized supposedly out of fear or concern that teachers might impress their own political opinions in the class-room. Meanwhile the educational curricular that is forced down the throats of teachers and students alike is NOT the ‘objective’, ‘neutral’ or ‘scientifically’ sound material that it is presented as. This specific material and the way it is meant to be taught also comes through a particular political agenda that sees students in a certain light.

However – this doesn’t give teachers a carte blanche to take their frustrations out on the students and it certainly doesn’t excuse blaming or demeaning the students. And many students has had experiences with such teachers and know how it is virtually impossible to learn from such teachers.

The solution is not to simply say that teachers has to have a better attitude. And the solution is not to do a witch-hunt on ‘bad teachers’. The solution is that we take education serious and understand it for what it is: the building of the future – and accordingly prioritize the education system with such care and consideration as we would have wanted when we were children.

In posts to come I will begin a process of examining the inherent paranoia in the education systems of the world and how this affects the kind of people children grow up to become. See – we’re stuck in a loop where we’re recreating the same flawed results over and over again and education is THE point that makes the ‘wheel’ turn another round… In the end we can flip it around and instead of saying “Why some people shouldn’t be teachers”, we can say that the people that SHOULD be teachers are the ones who have reeducated themselves to be self-directed human beings of dignity and self-integrity who are standing as examples and who can through their example set a stop to the turning of the wheels of the current system so that the children of the future have the opportunity to decide upon a different way of living together on this earth.

Until next time.

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