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We are all a part of nature's eco system. But we have forgotten who we are.


My dream is a world without money, where our gifts are given freely with the world, and where we are all supported to live the fullness of our being. 

Exactly as it is in nature. 

Until we get there... 

Part of my work on this planet, is to help create a new vision for this world, and to actively dream it into creation. To do that, I work with different price models aligned with the integrity of my being, and what is needed for me to exist in this world, as a fully alive and sovereign human being. 

1. Individual sessions

I work with individual prices for private sessions. This means that we together agree on a price that feels good for the both of us. I also offer the opportunity to support my work with something other than money as an exchange. (see below). Sign up for a free call if you'd like to see how I can support you. 

2. Group sessions

For group sessions, I offer a low fixed price, always with the opportunity to ask for a reduction in the case that you aren't available to pay the full amount. You are also welcome to support my work by offering something other than money. (see below) 

3. Free gifts

In my offer, The Gift, I give my gift freely. You have the option to share a donation with me to support my work. I also give my poetry freely online, as well as offering free master classes, and workshops on festivals and other events. 

Support my work in other ways than paying with money

Below is a list of ways you can contribute:

- Website editor and graphic design 

- Invite me to festivals, workshops, retreats or other places where I can share my work

- Spread the word about my work within your network

- Reviews of my work if you've had a session or participated in a workshop

- Artwork relevant to my work

- Collecting my poetry/writings to prepare for publication

- Publishing my poetry/writings 

- Photoshoots (individual/group spaces)

- Actual things that I need (firewood, organic food, clothes etc. Ask me about this)

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