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  • Anna Brix Thomsen

What They Never Taught You in School That Could Change Your Life: DAY 73

Education. What comes to mind when you look at this word? Restraint? Boredom? The Road to Success?

When we look at the word ‘education’ most of us see either the years of education we have behind us or the education we are taking now or that we’re about to take. We see dusty classroom and teachers and textbooks and endless homework with little to no connection to reality.

When we look at the word ‘education’ we see something that someone else expect from us, something we’re doing for someone else; our parents, our teachers, our future employers. We see education as a requirement, a duty, a chore and an obligation. But do ever see education as something we do for ourselves? Do we ever see education as something that happens outside of school, as something we do voluntarily because we want to learn and grow and expand? Have we ever asked what the meaning with education really is?

The word education comes from a combination of the Latin prefix ex– meaning “out” and the suffix ducere that means, “to lead”. The word can therefore at its root be defined as the process of ‘bringing out’ or ‘leading forth’. (Source:

This is interesting because education – the process of learning – happens in nearly every moment of our lives. Every time we are introduced to new environments, new words, new people, we learn. Often that form of education isn’t even something that takes place with a deliberate aim for us to learn. It’s simply a process that unfolds naturally as we grow up and expand ourselves from the wombs of our mothers and into the world. Unfortunately, a lot of what we learn is misguided and redundant. We stuff our heads full with useless information from our receptiveness towards the endless regurgitations on our TV screens to the indoctrination happening in classrooms all over the world.

We are lead forth by a system that clearly doesn’t have the best interest of this earth or its inhabitants as its highest priority – including ourselves as human beings. Instead what are prioritized are ‘technological innovations’, the ‘glory of human evolution’, the ‘race to space’ and any and all forms of entertainment that we can possibly preoccupy ourselves with.

When we are born and we embark on the journey of getting to know this world the first things we learn are not how to care for this planet or how to respect our physical bodies. We don’t learn how to effectively communicate or how to develop or grow within our unique expression. We don’t learn how to form relationships in such a way that we don’t exist in conflicts with others. We barely learn effective living skills, as only a privileged few of us are educated on nutrition or how to do your taxes, let alone understanding the law and financial system. Instead our daughters learn dance moves from Miley Cyrus in a skin colored leotard on MTV and our sons learn from watching porn that the epitome of masculinity is to ejaculate ferociously on a girls face. This may sound rough, but it is only the tip of the iceberg and from what we learn and even more importantly, from what we DON’T learn, we can see the devastating consequences escalating on a daily basis in our reality.

The series that we will be walking here and that this post is an introduction for will be about Real Education – the kind of education that we all should have gotten, the kind of education that is imperative for the prevention of the destruction of our habitat, the extinction of the animal kingdom and total denigration of our own species.  Educating ourselves and our children on how to care for Life at a fundamental level ought to be the most basic form of education and the first subject on the curriculum. What we ought to bring forth in our children – and in ourselves – is the care and nurture for life that this earth so urgently needs. That is the education we will be focusing on in this series.

Until next time, I implore you to read up on the Proposal of a Guaranteed Living Income system – a real and sustainable alternative to the current political and economic paradigm. And I implore that you watch the following series of documentaries that highlight the level of depravity and delusion currently entrenching our societies and teach us to value Life as anything but Life.

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