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Would you like to understand the deeper meaning behind why your child is throwing tantrums, or being angry and moody?

Would you like to be be able to connect with your child in these moments, and have the tools to to help them through it?

Would you like to know how to foster a peaceful and harmonic home environment where everyone thrives?

In this 2-day workshop we will be diving into the nature of the angry child.

This is for you as a parent, if you have been facing and struggling with one of the following scenarios:

1. A child that suddenly and seemingly out of nowhere throws a tantrum over something that seems insignificant

2. A child that seemingly from one day to another enters into a phase of moodiness and anger.

3. A child that has been angry and moody for a long time. Where the connection between parent and child is increasingly worsening.

We will be delving into how and why these states occur, from a deep perspective, bringing in both scientific, personal and existential

This is for you who is adamant about being the best parent you can possibly be, even though you are struggling and don’t know how to support your child or yourself in this situation.

This is for you who is willing to be open and vulnerable, even though it might be uncomfortable at times.

This will be a small, intimate workshop. There are therefore limited spaces. So make sure to get your spot.


Day 1 – May 29th

1 pm (13.00) Central European Standard Time

During the first part of the workshop, you’ll first receive information, after which you will be able to ask personal questions, as well as having the benefit of listening to everyone else sharing. This will be an intimate setting, and the space will be safe for you to share, if you so choose. Vulnerable, honest, authentic sharing is welcomed here, and there is nothing you need to do to show up. You chose whether or not you want to be on camera.

Day 2 – May 31th

6.30 pm (18.30) Central European Standard Time

After the first part of the workshop you’ll have a couple of days to integrate some of the practical tools, and in the second part of the workshop, we will work with the practical integration of the information more in depth.


This is an important piece because you will be anchoring what you have learned and integrate it into your unique situation.

A private Facebook group will be available exclusively for those attending the workshop, to connect
and share with one another, during and after the workshop.

The workshop itself will be in English. However, questions are welcome in English, Danish and Swedish, so don’t hold back if you’re not comfortable speaking or writing in English. 

Practical information

Once you have made your purchase, you’ll get a link to the workshop and the private Facebook group. You need to click that link at the time of the workshop. It is advised to jump on a few minutes before we start.

If you are unable to attend the live workshop, you will be able to watch the replay at your own convenience. Everyone who’s attended the workshop will receive the link to the replay via email.

Payment is non-refundable.

***If you for some reason cannot pay the full amount, contact us and we’ll see how we can help you.***

Register HERE.

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Do you sometimes struggle in your parenting experience? 

Is it something you are ashamed of because you feel like you should enjoy your child and being a parent? 

Do you struggle with enjoying spending time with your child, and do you find that many every day situations turn into annoying conflicts? 

Do you feel like you lose control over your child, or feel powerless in how to handle them in an effective way, leaving you frustrated and irritable? 

Do you feel guilty over becoming irritated and annoyed with your child, despite trying to be the best parent you can be? 

Would you like practical tips on how to transform your parenting experience into one of overall enjoyment? 

Would you like powerful, and transformational insights that may change the way your approach parenting?

Would you like direct and practical support that goes straight to the heart of the point? 

Would you like to become a better parent than you already are, and connect with your child and with yourself on a deeper level?

If you can say YES to one of the above points, this workshop is for you. 

In this workshop you will get:

* A practical and comprehensive walk-through worksheet that you can print out.
* A live group call with Q&A.
* A recorded version of the live group call. 
* A lifetime membership of the Make Parenting Fun (Again) Facebook group with future updates and invitations. 
* A lifetime access to all material pertaining to the workshop. 



When: Saturday April 11th at 8.30 pm CEST (Central European Summer Time) 

The workshop will be held in English, but you are welcome to ask any questions you have in Danish or Swedish as well. 

Where: Zoom meeting app. (Link will be sent to you upon registration) 

Price: 600 SEK / 400 DK / 53 Euro


Payment through Paypal or Transferwise, or Swish if you live in Sweden


For more inquiries and registration, send a mail to

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