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How I made the Decision to Focus on Education as a Purpose for Myself: DAY 26

I am in a process of researching for my next blog on the Paranoia within the Education System, specifically firstly focusing on the topic of standardized testing. So this blog-post will be an intermission from that series and I will share a personal point regarding my decision to dedicate myself to focusing on Education. As I’ve mentioned previously, I never considered or wanted to be a teacher. I almost stumbled into the subject of education randomly as I first got a bachelor degree as a pedagogue based on an idea that I wanted to work with troubled kids and make a difference in someone else’s life as I had experienced adults did in mine and I wanted to give back what I had received. Later I decided to continue with a master degree in sociology of education and this was basically because it was a convenient upgrade that I could do based on my bachelor where I didn’t have to start all over with a new education. So teaching and education certainly wasn’t in the cards from the beginning. At the moment

It wasn’t until the teaching job that I am currently working in was presented that I made the decision to make education my vocational and academic focus in life. When I took the job one of the reasons why I decided to give it my all and dedicate myself to it was because I had just walked a process of writing my masters thesis in which I hadn’t been satisfied with my own effort. So when I was offered this job I made a decision in one moment to become the best teacher I could possibly be and to immerse myself in this job fully.

Making this decision has literally changed my life. It is interesting how it is often those decisions that we make in silence with ourselves and that we don’t consider as being significant that turn out to be the most significant in our lives. Since making the decision to focus on education I have been more stable, directive and focused than ever before.

My entire life I’ve looked for a place to belong and I’ve been searching for a purpose in life and I have been looking for something that would fulfill me, a job that I would want to go to every day, something that I was passionate about. But I never really found it.

What I have come to realize since making the decision to make education my field of specialty is that it is not about a job fulfilling me or being that which satisfies me. It is about me giving myself to something – anything – and within that giving of myself, I make myself satisfied, I fulfill myself. It is quite a cool realization to find out that as long as I make an effort and dedicate myself and focus and honor the work that I am doing, I can be satisfied with myself. And this doesn’t matter whether the job pays well, has prestige or is boring or fun. It is not about the job – it is about who I am as whom I decide to be. And in this the job or field of specialty could literally be anything.

However one obviously also has to be realistic and decide upon something in common sense according to one’s natural skills and abilities or the resources with which one is able to expand one’s skills and abilities. For me, I just happened to already be in the field of education and the more I’ve started to look at it, the more I’ve realized that I’ve been interested in education for years. I am passionate about education – both in terms of disclosing and changing the current education system and in terms of the possibilities of establishing a new education system in this world.

For me the decision to focus on education wasn’t the slightest based on desire, nor did I have any particular fears around it. It was simply a common sense choice when I looked at my already achieved skills and abilities. It made sense. Therefore I’ve also been able to start ‘innocently’ in a way with a clean slate because I hadn’t already developed an idea about myself in education. It has been a practical decision and as such I am walking it in practicality.

Writing these blogs has been a tremendous support as well and I look forward to continue the journey of exploring education and teaching.

So for anyone who is still at that point of wavering and being unsure of what to do, I can definitely recommended making a decision (this does obviously not mean that one is now stuck and can’t change the decision if required at a later stage). But simply the point of making a decision to give myself purpose and to give myself focus and direction has assisted me so much. And the cool thing is that it was really more about the decision and about making it myself and about actually deciding to focus on something that has made this a cool and effective process. So I recommended that anyone in a similar position simply have a look at your skills and abilities and the resources you’ve got access to in terms of being able to educate yourself and expand yourself and then decide upon something that you will focus on.

Obviously it is important to mention here than when I have decided to focus on education it is within the context of placing myself in a position of being able to contributing to implementing an Equal Money System and eventually prepare the way for a life on earth that is best for all. This doesn’t mean that everyone has to become teachers or psychologists or economists – but it is cool to consider that we’re not only choosing our path in life based on a desire for personal fulfillment but to actually leave our mark in this world (as I am for example doing through these blogs) and make a real difference towards creating a world that is best for all.

So that’s my advice: be realistic, don’t be picky – rather be practical and let go of all and any fears, judgments or desires and then simply make a decision and give yourself and dedicate yourself to this decision fully and walk it through in practicality.


Until next time…

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