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The Paranoia of Standardized Testing (Pt.7) Self-Forgiveness and Self-Corrective Application: DAY 32

Before continuing with the next part of the Paranoia of Education series I will here walk an interim point wherein I will walk a process of Self-Forgiveness on what we’ve walked so far in the previous series about the Paranoia of Standardized Testing. Through self-forgiveness we are walking a process of taking responsibility for our own creation as the Paranoia of Education as it has become, for example as seen within and as the Paranoia of Standardized Testing in the current education system and the manifested consequences that has outflowed thereof. 

This is also to walk the process of bringing the point of responsibility back to ourselves as citizens and inhabitants of this earth, whether we are teachers, parents, students or government officials involved with education – from having abdicated our responsibility towards the education system and separated ourselves from and as it, into blame and polarity as superiority/inferiority power/powerlessness – into a directive of changing the education systems into systems of common sense practicality, honoring life and placing forth the principle of giving as we would like to receive as a life that is best for all, taught from the first moment a child is born through the directive responsibility and examples of parents, teachers and citizens alike.

So what we will be walking here is thus the responsibility of all of us towards the education of humanity that we have accepted and allowed to become an institution of Paranoia, Fear, Failure and Abuse. In conjunction with the Self-Forgiveness we will be walking here, we will also walk a process of prescribing corrective statements wherein and from which we will prescribe and outline the commitments required for us to make to practically change the current education system.

What one can do as one is reading these statements is to read them out loud for oneself while reading and as such walk with in this process of letting go of the Paranoia embedded within the Education System and from there walk the process of establishing a new principle of Education that is based on the Principle of What is Best for All.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to accept market capitalism and its foundation within and as the principle of competition, fear and paranoia to become embedded within and in fact the directive principle of the current education system where education has become nothing but a factory from where organic robots are produced and manufactured from that which was once life coming into this world as innocent children only to serve money as a god within and as the religion of market capitalism using tools such as competition, fear and paranoia to ensure that every child is kept on track with the goal of the system to maximize profits for the few through the exploitation and abuse of the majority of people on earth.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to justify and accept that the most important purpose with education is to prepare children to become adults who can compete with others for their survival and that everything else is of secondary importance and relevance to that one goal

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to as the adults of this world involved within education, as parents, teachers and representatives of official capacity accept the starting-point of market capitalism to be the predominant principle that rules and governs all decisions made within the education system where I have accepted it as normal to submit the education system to standardized testing that serves to enhance the competition between countries, districts, schools, teachers and students with the single purpose of bringing down expenses and costs of education within the justification of claiming that such an application makes the education more ‘efficient’ when in fact the primary objective is to save as much money possible to ensure more profits for the purpose of maintaining market capitalism and its regiments as the predominant system on earth.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to use standardized testing to make schools, teachers and students ‘more efficient’ based on the justification that standardized testing is a scientifically sound way of measuring performance because that is what is done and used in the corporate world to make sure that workers are cost-efficient – all the while the actual starting-point of standardized testing as it current is being used in the education system is not to optimize education itself but to optimize the market capitalist system through generating profit for the few within and as the starting-point of paranoia, fear and competition that is the market capitalist system’s foundation

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to, as teachers, students and citizens in general see standardized testing as bad and wrong because of the consequential outflows that I am seeing taking place in schools, not seeing, realizing and understanding that it isn’t standardized testing that is the problem in itself but in fact the starting-point behind it as the paranoia of competing for survival as that which has been elevated by market capitalism to a form of religion with money as god

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to believe that quantitative methods, such as standardized testing is killing the creativity in schools instead of seeing realizing and understanding that standardized testing can be an excellent educational tool if only the starting-point behind it has the clear purpose of supporting the education of children to become citizens that care about life and within that what is best for all

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to justify inducing fear and paranoia into children through the education system because that is what I have accepted for and from myself through the training I’ve gotten as I’ve gone through the exact same education-system where I’ve accepted fear to be induced into me as normal and as the only way of living on earth thus recreating the same flawed system generation after generation

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to believe that standardized testing the way it is being use in schools to essentially minimize costs and ensure competition will eventually enhance life on earth and create abundance instead of seeing, realizing and understanding that when my starting-point for living is the fear for my own survival and the acceptance and belief that I must compete with others to survive that I am in fact creating a system of lack and depletion because that is my starting-point

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to not even consider how it is possible to in fact create a different education system, through which it is possible to re-program and change ourselves as human beings through changing the principle and starting-point within and through which we are raising children to take over the earth and be living examples and become the whole as we are the whole now accepting and allowing the current system to represent our common values and interests in life as our directive principle of who and what we accept ourselves as


I see, realize and understand that standardized testing isn’t the problem within the education system – because standardized testing is simply a method, a tool. As such, I see, realize and understand that what is required is not to stop standardized testing in schools, but to stop the paranoia that is embedded within the current usage of standardized testing – and in all areas of education as it current exists.

I see, realize and understand that the way we’ve implemented standardized testing into and as the education system the way it is currently being used to enhance competition and thereby justify the failure of some and the success of others – is unsustainable and unacceptable because the schools are in the pockets of the corporations and market capitalism in general, where standardized testing isn’t used to actually support the students education but only to maximize profits and minimize costs with the excuse that it is making education more efficient when in fact education is rapidly becoming more and more useless.

I commit myself to show and share how the paranoia that is embedded within the current education system is based on the paranoia of market capitalism and its concurrent integration into all systems and parts of life on earth where it – as a representation of our interests and values (greed/fear/competition/paranoia) is contaminating every part of life on earth to the point where we’re driving ourselves to the brink of destruction – instead of finding ways to co-exists that is best for all.

So therefore I commit myself to participate in and work for the implementation of a Basic Income/Equal Money System where education will no longer be under the (informally or formally) a corporate market capitalistic system that is founded upon the paranoia of fear of survival within the principle of competing with each other to survive as a religion with money as a god. Instead we are suggesting changing the starting-point of the system from fear/greed/paranoia and competition to a system of practical common sense as everyone giving to each that which each would like to have as that which is best for all. In such a system we can utilize tools as for example standardized testing in a completely different way – because the starting-point will be different and will be focused on supporting the child to develop themselves to their fullest potential – exactly as we would have wanted to be supported if we were in their shoes.

 In conjunction with this blog series, I suggest to in connection with this blog-post to take a moment to read the following blog-post on Basic Income and Teaching where the points I’ve discussed here are further expanded upon.

Thanks for tuning in – until next time.

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